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RWD | Race Winning Designs

Our combined knowledge and experience in the heavy vehicle and motorsport brake friction industry gives us an enviable insight into the world of braking. So, if you can keep it upright, we can make it stop – with a controlled and reassuring delivery of effort.

Products are designed and tested by our enthusiastic Engineers in our offices in North Yorkshire, UK, where the most challenging of terrain can be found. Quality Engineers on hand in our Asian offices ensure consistent product quality so that we can maintain our promise of high performance, race winning products. RWD was born out of a passion for all things cycling making MTB disc brake pads the obvious and logical step for development.


Swaledale – the most beautiful and dramatic of the Yorkshire Dales in Northern England and a true mountain bike Mecca. This place is the home of RWD Brakes – where a mad moment of inspiration quickly turned into a reality. This is where it began.

The steep and technical trails of the Swaledale valley form the basis of our product development and testing. With our European headquarters based near the town of Richmond at the foot of the valley, our engineers spend a significant amount of their time on the trails, constantly pushing the boundaries of the products. Board meetings are more often than not held on the hill as when the sun shines, our directors rarely miss the chance to snatch a quick few hours on the bike.

Why not pop along and join us sometime? It's always good to see like minded and friendly faces and we're always keen to show people the hidden gems that are the Swaledale trails! We also operate regular factory social rides with an open invitation. Click here for the list of dates for these.


Unfortunately we don't have any current vacancies, but we're always on the lookout for like-minded and enthusiastic people who can constructively add to our team. Why not send us your CV and we'll get back to you next time an opportunity arises.